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Friday, October 1, 2010


This blog is growing, and I worry that it may soon become unmanageable. I was thinking about adding tags, but I don't know which ones to add. Perhaps "dessert" and "pasta" and "sauce." And then One-Haw already tagged some posts with "Cantonese," which I think is a good idea. Anyway, suggest some tags in the comments!


  1. In order for this to work you have to activate the Tags section in the sidebar so we can all see them :)

  2. It would also be useful to have tags for how "makeable" stuff is--is it fast, or something to do on a weekend? Can you freeze it? Will I need to do serious groceries (I guess this is subjective). (Come to think of it, this is not too different from the little icons my cookbook-that-i-didn't-take-with-me has.)

  3. I think tags like "salad", "soup", "main dish", "dessert" (which you have already) etc could be useful..

  4. Ditto Anna. I'll go back and make changes if need be.