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Thursday, April 21, 2011

baba ghanoush

Guys. I just made baba ganoush and it was SO GOOD.

Here is what I did. First, I had two little eggplants. Pro tip: in the future, I will get big eggplants, because there was not NEARLY enough of this stuff. Anyway, then I chopped it into slicesand sort of brushed them with oil and salt but APPARENTLY most people do not, they just poke holes in the eggplant. Either way you are supposed to grill the eggplant but your oven broiler works just as well! When it looks browned and squishy, remove peel, put in bowl. Avoid eating delicious roast eggplant. So good.
To mushy eggplant, add garlic (I had one HUGE clove), and a few tablespoons lemon juice and tahini. I put in a little too much tahini, but actually that is ok because tahini is delicious! Also, fun story, I went next door to my friendly local falafel-vendor-cum-middle-eastern-themed-convenience store to get some tahini  and then I asked if they sold any lemon juice and he poured me out a whole CONTAINERFUL and gave it to me for free! So that was fun.
And then salt to taste, and eat, for it is delicious!

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