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Friday, April 15, 2011

Peanut sauce!

We already had peanut sauce on this blog a really long time ago, but today I made some myself, using the recipe in How to Cook Everything as a loose guideline. My version involved frying up some garlic and some pepper flakes, and then adding a splash of soy sauce, a pinch of brown sugar, several shakes of turmeric, the juice of an extremely aged lime, and of course peanut butter. (My motivation in making this was in part that we have several jars of peanut butter in my apartment for some reason and I decided some of it needed to go away.) I didn't have coconut milk, but I did have some dried coconut I bought at the asian market a long time ago. All that is necessary is to pout boiling water on it and let it sit about for a bit, and hey-presto, coconut milk. Though I must say it turned out rather thinner than store-bought, as did the sauce; this is probably due to the fact that I didn't measure out ratios at all.  Oh! and also you are supposed to put lemongrass in the sauce, but I had none, so I put in a bunch of ginger instead.  Anyway then you heat it all up! I put some egg noodles in it (the long kind that comes all wrapped up in a little knot--came from the same expedition as the coconut) and so I had peanut noodles. And I wish I made more because it was very good; though I think I need to experiment a little with the dashes and pinches and splashes to get it to be excellent.

Also, the various bagged items in my cupboard that I bought this winter have since inflated (well, the bags, not the items themselves). Low pressure front coming in?

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