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Saturday, April 9, 2011

things that are delicious

Guys, if you are reading this, don't. Go away and make something wonderful and write about it. I want to read! Shoo!

Anyway, here are things that I made recently that were good.
The first thing is inspired by something I had at a Turkish restaurant. It was basically tzatziki, but Turks don't call it tzatziki. Anyway, to make it, you will need some yogurt (which I have lots of), and also garlic and dill and cucumber and a little salt and olive oil. I think I used about half a bowl of yogurt and about an inch of cucumber cut up small, and several smallish cloves of garlic (can you have too much garlic?) and then put in as many shakes of dill as seemed useful and then a little more than that. The olive oil is mostly to thin it, only my yogurt is already kind of runny; but olive oil is also delicious. Anyway I served this with pasta, and it was good.
The other thing I made was to use up some leftover pasta I had from the previous thing, and also some broccoli raab I have lying around (I think it's in season? but normal broccoli is supposed to work too), and taken from The Cookbook. Basically, boil the green things in a pot, and meanwhile roast up some garlic in a skillet; when the raab is done, which takes less than five minutes, take it out with a slotted spoon and dump it in the skillet. You now use the same water to boil up some pasta, while stirring around the green things (possibly with some pasta water added to them); then when the pasta is good, drain it and reserve some water, and put pasta and water into the skillet and toss with some salt and pepper and maybe some red pepper flakes. Serve with some grated Parmesan/Romano. I put in a lot of red pepper and it was good; however I suggest erring on the low side for the pasta because my rotini to not-rotini ratio was really suboptimal.


  1. That's a pretty delicious thing to do. I tried and tasted. I would recommend really only parboiling the greenery in the first step: it's going to continue cooking in the frying pan! Likewise you can probably get away with somewhat more al dente pasta than usual (space for more experimentation). I would like to also suggest that you can not use to little garlic...

  2. I can't parse the negatives in your last sentence. Are you saying one cannot use too little, i.e. there is no amount of garlic so small that it is "too little" (so one could use no garlic at all)? Or perhaps that one cannot/should not use too little garlic, or it will not work? or that one is permitted to not-use some amount of garlic that is too little (ok I don't actually think you meant the last one).