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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Carrot greens

I got my first CSA box today: beets (w/ greens), romanesco, brussels sprouts, blood oranges, and carrots (w/ greens). Part of the point of signing up for the CSA was to force myself to try cooking new vegetables, so I decided to try to use the beet greens and carrot greens. I've made a soup with kale and swiss chard before, and "How to Cook Everything" told me that beet greens are a good substitute for kale, so I decided to do that. Thankfully, I only put in one stem's worth of carrot greens, since it turns out that they are mildly poisonous. (They taste a bit like bitter parsley).

To make the soup, which is really easy:
Sautee an onion, then add garlic.
Add water/broth (5 cups), beans (2 cans, I used red and white kidney beans), and crushed red pepper.
When it boils, turn down the heat and add greens of whatever variety you like (up to about 6 cups).
Simmer for 15 minutes.

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