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Thursday, February 17, 2011

More stewing adventures

I decided that it would be great to experiment with another starch source, and I realized that I hadn't had couscous in a long time. Of course couscous requires a nice middle-eastern style stew to go on top of it. I poked on the internet because I don't know exactly what goes into such a stew to make it differ from superficially similar Indian dishes. I found this recipe and paid some attention to it while cooking. I didn't follow the proportions of spices (though I used the ones recommended) and I put in much less varied veggies (just a few carrots, a can of chick peas and about half an eggplant). For the hot sauce I used chilli garlic as it was something I had. I also used a LOT of herbs: a consequence of not being able to get reasonably-sized bunches of herbs at stores. The most interesting difference was that I used goat instead of the lamb. This was an accident of timing: for some very strange reason the grocery store I go to had an extremely paltry amount of lamb but they were selling trays of cut up goat. I decided that this would be ideal.
I also messed with the couscous a little by putting cashews and raisins in it.
The final product turned out to be quite tasty.

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