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Sunday, January 30, 2011

They weren't as hard as rocks

I had this notion I'd make scallion pancakes and mentioned it to my mom.  Immediately, she said, "Bad idea.  They're going to be as hard as rocks."

My mom, by the way, is the type of chef who can make a mean paella without the cast-iron pot, schweinshaxe mostly on the basis of on one meal in Germany, duck liver pate with only pure intuition, and... I could go on.  Basically, she knows what she's talking about when it comes to food.  But hey, I got some things going for me:

  • The vast knowledge of the Internets, aka online recipes
  • Common sense
  • Derring-do or reasonable ability to improvise in the kitchen
That said, I have some things against me:
  • There are about a million and one online recipes for scallion pancakes
  • Not enough common sense
  • Too much derring-do
After culling the vast knowledge of the Internets, I settled on 2 cups of flour and 1 cup of boiled water
Mix and knead; then let it rest covered for half an hour.

Roll it out--the thinner it is, the more layers you can make.  Make sure to flour the surface.

Lightly dust with oil and salt, and put scallions on it.
Can you see the oil glistening from the surface?

Roll it up.
A little misshapen, but you get the idea.

Coil it up like so:
It kept uncoiling, so I had to add more water/oil--hence the glistening.

Roll it out.

For more layers, re-roll and coil.  I did this again, but given I don't have a rolling pin, it was a bit of a chore.  Next time, I'd do more layers.

Final step: Frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry!

Oil splatters--see what I'll do for food?

It was definitely a lot crunchier than expected, which worried me a bit (recall the "hard as a rock" comment).  But my "scallion pancake connoisseur" friend assured me for a freshman attempt, it wasn't too bad :)

He made the dipping sauce, too--I forget what's in it and will have to ask, but I think it was soy sauce, vinegar, and ginger powder.
My friend with the sauce

A close-up
Oh silly me, I didn't post a photo of the food... j/k, just being coy.
Om noms?
This will happen again, and I will get it right!

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