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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Turkey au Vin + future projects (suggestions welcome)

My roommate and I had a turkey we just didn't know what to do with--so, following my mom's suggestions, we decided to make turkey au vin.  We used this recipe based off of Julia Childs' recipe.  The only big differences are that we:
  • added diced carrots 
  • used peach brandy for the flambe step--some parts of the turkey did have a bit of the peach flavor, but was otherwise ok.  Weirdly, it didn't flame very much, even though we tried twice (a letdown)
  • used a generous amount of parsley--we cooked the mushrooms with parsley
We served it with rice.  I may have gone a little overboard with the salting of the turkey, but our joint effort was otherwise a success!  Here's a pic from my Blackberry camera.
There's something about chopped-up vegetables that seems very pleasant.
Future projects: 

We have a lot of parsley, some of the mushrooms, and some of the bacon left over and I'm still in a French mood, so I'm thinking of making savory crepes.  It depends on how much time I have on Sunday.

We also have a lot of the turkey blood left over, so any suggestions you have would be welcome.  After looking at a site with blood recipes, I'm considering:
  • blood pancakes, 
  • blood bread, 
  • sanguinnacio dulce, and
  • cabidela 
I'm too lazy to get sausage casings, so no blood sausages.

Still thinking thinking!


  1. I'm interested in knowing how you tried to flambé a thing. I mean, I have a general idea. But maybe you have some idea of what went wrong?

  2. We poured brandy over the turkey, and then lit a match. We got some flame, but it was less than an inch high and it died out pretty fast. We're wondering if it's because the turkey slices were too big/thick.